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Regards sur la francophonie

Eglises émergentes: textes en anglais rédigés par des auteurs connaissant la francophonie.

Jean Hassenforder et son article "Echoes". Extraits:

"As a French Christian I found myself at ease within this Anglophone website and fully identify with the spirit that drives this growing network. I share the same desire to be able to live my faith with conviction and authenticity keeping in step with today's culture…"

Matthew Glock (International Teams) et son article "Words betray us... adventures in cross-cultural emergence". Extraits:

"For me a fundamental challenge of the worldwide emerging church is learning to talk about the emerging church in a way that respects and honors all its diverse expressions.

"We need to move beyond words to face-to-face encounters with people from other cultures and give them permission to speak into our world. We need to build relationships that allow us to live out our new humanity; that allow us to invest our world with new meaning; that allow us to call others to come out and play."

Voir aussi son blog "en direct".

Jonathan Finley, "the metissage of the church". Extraits:

"However, I don’t find much in the “emergent” conversation that helps me to understand the multi-cultural suburbs of Paris, as “post-modern” as this context is or might be. I have to go to Africa for that...or at least talk to my neighbors. It seems to me my “emergent” cyber-friends could also learn something about what God is doing in the world if they looked South (and I’m not talking about New Zealand) or simply opened their eyes to the “ethnic” churches springing up all over western urban centers and their understanding of "post-modern" phenomena.

"I’m especially surprised that the “emergent” voices from London don’t have more to say about immigration issues and the multicultural landscape of that city. The younger, Southern churches may not be emerging from post-modern, anglo-saxon cultures but, be assured, they are overflowing into them at a rate that no one will be able to deny for long. Can’t you see ?

"Take off your Oakleys, dude, and maybe you’ll see the emerging metissage of the church. There's a whole world, a real world, going on outside your blogoshere."


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